“Le Bombarde” beach

The beach is well known by both Sardinians and continental people. For this reason, over the years several bar-restaurant kiosks were built to meet the needs of bathers. A parking is available.

Erosion and advancement
The “Bombarde” beach has always been subject to erosion and consequent water advancement. In the years from 2008 to 2010 the beach has withdrawn a lot, almost to record levels. In the early 2000s, however, the beach was completely intact. In the 70s it was a little smaller. The most damaging winds for the beach are the “libeccio” blowing in the winter season with large waves that carry away the sand, and partly the “scirocco” is less harmful as the beach is partly sheltered. The hills of Mount Doglia form a barrier against the “mistral”. In early September 2010, a project was proposed to bring the sand from the sea back to where it was on the beach.

The forest: A natural landscape
The pine forest of the “bombarde” is part of the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte. This occurred following an accurate cleaning of the area and realizing an environmental and deep recovery process. Almost every summer the area between the beach and Fertilia you can easily encounter families of wild boars. During winter wild boars hunt season is open and closed in order to maintain a sustainable number of these animals. The eucalyptus, the maritime pine and the various mediterranean scrub the components of the biodiversity of this forest.